At Joe Purcell Company we are acutely aware of the sensitivity associated with the use of public records and personal identification information. We strongly believe in preserving the right of privacy for individuals in our society, and take great care in all of our agreements, policies and practices to reflect that belief. At the same time, we recognize that the flow of public information is essential for prudent and legitimate decision-making for both the private and public sectors. Accordingly, our policy is to provide access to information where its use is valid and appropriate for business reasons, guided by compliance with the law and respecting the rights of the individual. We take reasonable steps to help assure and promote lawful access to data via the Joe Purcell Company network.

If you have any questions about the policies stated below, contact Joe Purcell Company.


Website Policies

Visitors to the Joe Purcell Company website are not monitored for personal identification. You may visit the public portions of our web site without providing any personal identification information, with the exception of any personal information you may choose to provide if you voluntarily contact us or make an inquiry. Joe Purcell Company does not use cookies. We may collect statistical information or monitor trends based on your visit, but this information is limited to non-personal identification information. This information is used to improve our site and make it more useful for the needs of our customers.

Joe Purcell Company may provide links to a number of other web sites, and is not responsible for the practices and policies of other web sites outside of its control.


The Value of Information to Our Customers

We assist our clients through education efforts and take steps to prevent the illegal or inappropriate use of data.


Types and Sources of Data

Joe Purcell Company provides customers with a broad range of information to meet their specific requirements. In most cases, the data provided through the Joe Purcell Company is assembled and updated by third parties. It may include a variety of individually identifiable information including, but not limited to, name and address, property holdings, criminal records and financial data. This information is generally obtained; (i) via direct connection to governmental entities, (ii) via third party companies who access, collect and re-distribute public record information and (iii) through other third party sources who compile and distribute access to databases of information from a variety of sources which may or may not include public record information. In most cases, Joe Purcell Company cannot control or modify the content of the databases offered. When needed, Joe Purcell Company will put individuals or users in contact directly with the source or entity that houses and supplies the data.


Personal Information Disclosure: United States or Overseas

Personal information submitted to Joe Purcell Company for a background screening investigation may at times be transferred outside the United States in order to perform the background investigation. All personal information will be transmitted and stored in a secure manner in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy. Joe Purcell Company has established a data privacy policy which complies with the seven Safe Harbor principles administered by the United States Department of Commerce as outlined in the European Commission’s Directive on Data Protection.


Accuracy of Information

Joe Purcell Company takes reasonable steps to assure the accuracy of the information provided by our service. However, there is a possibility that data may be improperly reported or transcribed. In the event a person about whom information has been accessed on the Joe Purcell Company system, believes any or all of that information to be inaccurate, then that person should contact Joe Purcell Company's Compliance Department in writing using a Dispute Notification Form, via regular or electronic mail at electronic mail, stating the nature of the alleged error(s) and the database in which the alleged error is thought to reside. Upon receipt of this information, Joe Purcell Company will:

• provide the person the name and address of the party responsible for the content of the subject database,
• inform the individual to contact that entity to determine what steps are necessary to correct the alleged error and
• forward the person's original letter to the responsible data provider.

Because Joe Purcell Company does not assemble or otherwise control the content of most databases, it cannot:

• assure the individual that an alleged error will be corrected,
• verify the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information reported to it by the individual nor,
• post any notices, alerts, warnings etc., other than those that exist of a general nature in the Joe Purcell Company Services Agreement, stating that any or all of the information about a particular individual has been alleged to be inaccurate.

Joe Purcell Company will provide information and assistance whenever possible to assist individuals in tracking down the source of inaccurate information.


Limitations on Use

Some data providers who furnish access to information via Joe Purcell Company may have policies that allow an individual to limit or redact their individually identifiable information from the databases they offer for sale. Federal and/or state laws may, under certain circumstances, allow a person to limit or redact their individually identifiable information from databases offered for resale. In yet other cases, these same federal and state laws may not allow such limitation or redaction.

Any person who has been the subject of an inquiry via the Joe Purcell Company network - or whose individually identifiable information may be accessible via the Joe Purcell Company network - who desires to have their individually identifiable information limited or redacted, should contact Joe Purcell Company's Compliance Officer via regular or electronic mail indicating the name of the entity accessing their information, the nature of the information accessed and requesting the name and address of the applicable data provider(s). The Compliance Officer will provide the name and address of the source of the information to the person making the request.

Joe Purcell Company, however, cannot assure that any given data provider incorporates a policy to allow a person to limit or redact individually identifiable information or that the individual's information will be limited or redacted once a request is made to the data provider. Further, Joe Purcell Company cannot advise the person of the applicability of any federal or state law to their request. Finally, because Joe Purcell Company does not control the content of databases to which it provides access, it cannot assure the individual that their individually identifiable information will in fact be limited or redacted nor can it post any notices, alerts, warnings, etc., stating that the individual has requested their information be limited or redacted.


Security and Accountability

Joe Purcell Company uses reasonable methods via its Services Agreement and other customer documentation forms and procedures to assure that entities accessing its network are doing so for legitimate business and other permissible purposes. Joe Purcell Company continuously informs its customers that the use of information accessed via the Joe Purcell Company is subject to a variety of laws, and customers are responsible for the appropriate use of the information they access.

Joe Purcell Company conducts training for its employees, who are subject to strict auditing and limitations on access, as well as customers. In the event a person believes individually identifiable information obtained via the Joe Purcell Company has been used improperly, then that person should contact Joe Purcell Company's Compliance Officer via mail, electronic mail or telephone and inform him of the name of the customer and the alleged misuse. Joe Purcell Company will investigate, to the full extent of its ability, allegations of misuse. Joe Purcell Company reserves the right, pursuant to its Services Agreement, among other things, to terminate a customer's access to its network, or any applicable parts thereof, in the event a pattern of confirmed, willful misuse of information is documented.


Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a Federal Act that was created to protect consumers from the potential misuse of information. Data available through Joe Purcell Company may or may not be subject to the provisions of the FCRA. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user to assure, among other things, that applicable releases are obtained from the subject before information is accessed and that appropriate notices are provided to the subject if the information obtained via the service influences, in whole or in part, any adverse action that may be taken. In accordance with their respective agreements with Joe Purcell Company, the providers of data supplied to Joe Purcell Company are instructed to comply fully with the applicable provisions of the FCRA or take other reasonable steps as may be appropriate.



Joe Purcell Company supports the appropriate, lawful use of information and will continue to take reasonable steps to help assure and promote lawful use of the data provided. In support of this philosophy, Joe Purcell Company will also assist persons with particular questions or concerns about their individually identifiable data as a means to seek correction of errors, a method to report allegations of misuse, and a path whereby access to their information may be limited.

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